Tailored Services




The Tailored Services has been thought for those people who want to ask a service we currently don’t have available. We have a series of services already defined based on the demand that are on them.

However, if you want something different, that doesn’t have too much demand, we probably don’t have a specific service for it, and therefore, there is only the option to hire a tailored service.


1 .- These services don’t have a specific purpose. You can ask for any type of work you want, and that will be exactly what we will do.

2 .- The price is defined by working hour an type of work. To quote the work you want, we need you to tell us in detail everything you want to do, and based on that, we will calculate how many hours we need for it and inform you. After receive our quote, you can accept or reject it.

3 .- Payment must be sent through Bitcoin or Monero. – There is no other payment method. Please understand and don’t insist.

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